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Hot Topics For Bail Agents


This spring, 34 bail agents aligned with 1st Atlantic Surety Company attended the most recent “Hot Topics For Bail Agents” seminar at the Hyatt Place Raleigh West/RBC Center.

Featured speakers included the Honorable Lisa Johnson-Tonkins, Clerk of Superior Court in Guilford County, Honorable Brian Shipwash, Clerk of Superior Court in Davidson County, and Allen Chesser, US Army & US National Guard Hand To Hand Combat Instructor, former Raleigh, NC police officer, and Bail Agent from Franklin County, NC.Ms. Tonkins addressed the appropriate management of forfeitures and the handling of set asides.

Mr. Shipwash reviewed the statutes regarding pre-trial release programs in North Carolina and provided some insight related to the need for accountability and encouraged those in attendance to: a) build relationships with local and state governments; b) get more involved with their local, state, and national professional associations; c) communicate the positive aspects of commercial bail bonding to their County Commissioners, local police and the community at large; and, d) work with local officials to pass policies to hold pre-trial agencies accountable for their actions.

Mr. Chesser provided instruction on techniques that could be utilized to safely confront, arrest, transport, and surrender defendants who had failed to appear.

Following the event, 100% of those completing the Hot Topics Evaluation Form reported that the information presented would be of benefit to them as they managed their bail bonding business and 100% stated that they were looking forward to the next Hot Topics event.

For more information on the Hot Topics For Bail Agents series or 1st Atlantic Surety Company, contact 1st Atlantic Surety Company at 1-833-401-0202.




Hot Topics For Bail Agents



1st Atlantic Surety Company hosted the 3rd edition of Hot Topics For Bail Agents in Raleigh, NC. Forty-nine Bail Agents from across the Tar Heel State attended.

Brian Shipwash, Clerk of Superior Court in Davidson County, lead a discussion on the statutes related to forfeitures.  He highlighted common mistakes and encouraged those attending to be very specific and precise when filing documents related to forfeitures and set asides.  Mr. Shipwash also stressed the need for building relationships within the judicial system and urged those in attendance to become recognized for conducting themselves as professionals and a source of valuable information.

Tim Avent, CPA, presented information on business organization and development and reviewed state and federal tax laws.  Chuck Averre, CPA, PFS, lead a discussion on business and personal finances.  Both Mr. Avent and Mr. Averre are partners in the firm of Hollingswoth, Avent, Averre, & Purvis, PA of Raleigh.

Rusheem Wynn, Abstract Bail Bonds of Raleigh, concluded the session with a presentation on “Best Practices For Bail Agents” in which he stressed the need for professionalism in all aspects of the business; accuracy when completing all of the paperwork involved in the day-to-day operation of a retail bail agency; and, a full understanding of all of the statutes regulating the business.  Mr. Wynn concluded his presentation by reminding his audience that they could not be careful and careless at the same time.

Three hours of BCEC credits were awarded to those who attended the entire program.  Following the event, attendees were asked to complete an evaluation form.  Ninety percent (90%) of the attendees submitted an evaluation and ninety-eight percent (98%) of those completing the evaluation form reported that they felt the information presented during the session would be beneficial in the day-to-day operation of their businesses.  The same number said that they were looking forward to the next continuing education event to be hosted by 1st Atlantic Surety Company.

In lieu of paying a tuition fee, participants in the Hot Topics seminar were asked to donate a toy or small gift that could be given to a child in need.  Many of the participants responded positively and these gifts were donated to the Raleigh Rescue Mission.

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