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Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds are often required by a governmental agency (license and permit) or private party (contract) to insure the performance of an obligation. 1st Atlantic provides a full range of Surety Bonds.

Fidelity Bonds

Protect your business from losses resulting in employee misconduct. We can help protect your business for theft or embezzlement which may not be covered in your general business insurance.

Commercial Bail

As one of the leading providers of Commercial Bail Bonds in the Mid-Atlantic region, you should contact us to find out how your agency can prosper with our support.


Over 100 Years of Experience

Providing Premier Surety Products 


Headquartered in North Carolina

1st Atlantic Surety Company is proud to be among the many business that call North Carolina “home”. 1st Atlantic Surety Company is striving to achieve a position of leadership within the industry by introducing a series of innovative new approaches to surety bonds, fidelity bonds and commercial bail while emphasizing customer service. This means that you will receive the fastest, most efficient service with knowledgeable professionals who will help you find the right bond for your specific needs

Headquartered in North Carolina

Responsive to customer needs

Dedicated to providing superior service

Always accessible: 24/7 – 365 days a year

Approved by NC department of insurance as a provider of surety continuing education

Multi-talented Management team 
The management team at 1st Atlantic Surety Company offers more than 100 years of experience.  Our Company knows what is required in the day-to-day, real world operation of surety business.

Of equal importance is the fact that the management team at 1st Atlantic Surety Company has experience and skills in the insurance business. 

The Selection Process

The agent selection process at 1st Atlantic Surety Company begins with assessing your talents. To learn more about our process to help your business, please contact our office (Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) by dialing 833-401-0202.

Mailing Address

1st Atlantic Surety Company

Post Office Box 110

Raleigh, NC 27602-0110

Fax: 855-837-8244

Email: info@1statlanticsurety.com

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